European Commodities Exchange - Copenhagen 2021

Situation on Covid-19

DAKOFO are closely following the development of the covid-19 situation. The situation on Covid-19 and the delta variant is stable in Denmark. Therefor the Danish government decided on the 27th of august 2021 to no longer classify Covid as a  threat to society, therefor all restrictions in Denmark is removed. there are still  restrictions on entry into Denmark.


If there are any questions you would like to raise please feel free to contact us directly! on or via phone +45 2962 1025 


Restrictions on gatherings

 There are no restrictions on gatherings in Denmark. 


 Rules on Face mask or shield

In Denmark, a face mask or shield is required at the airport. A face mask or shield is not required when using public transportation. You are advised to wear a face mask or shield at test centers or when you visit the hospital. 

For the ECE 2021 you will not be required to wear a face mask. You are however more then welcome to wear your face mask if it makes you feel safe.


Corona passport 

A corona passport proves that you have been vaccinated against, have previously been infected with or have tested negative for COVID-19 within the past 96 hours for PCR test and 72 hours for rapid antigen test (RAT). The passport is not required anywhere in the Danish Society.  


Public Transport

A face mask or shield is not required when using public transportation in Denmark.

You need to book a seat if you travel by intercity trains across regions. Seat tickets are free of charge and can be booked at train stations or online.


Rules on restaurants, cafés and bars

Restaurants, cafés and bars are open. It is not necessary to present a valid corona passport at restaurants and cafés.


Rules on nightlife and clubs

Discos and nightclubs are open.


Which measures will the Organizers of the European Commodities Exchange 2021 take? 

As Organizers we will do our best to ensure you will have the most safe experience in Copenhagen. Doing the exchange we will ensure that there are proper cleaning, and that the lunch will be served in a Covid-19 friendly way, which ensures that you do not have to many common touching surfaces. Drinks will be served individually. 



Travel to Denmark

The Danish travel restrictions classify all countries and regions around the world into four categories: green, yellow, orange and red. These color categories determine which rules apply to you on your arrival in Denmark. The rules also depend on whether you are travelling on a negative test, whether you have been vaccinated or previously infected with COVID-19, on your country of residence, where you are travelling from and where you have spent the past 10 days.


See how your Country is classified and what regulations applies for you using the following link: here you can find the most updated information.